Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Pin cushion for under $1

Lately i have beens sewing up a storm but i have been having this really annoying thing happen where i foregt where my pins are and the canister falls on the floor and pins go everywhere! One day this happened about ten times in a row and with a baby crawling al over the floor this not only was annoying but hazardous. I comes low budget pin cushion. I recently went to Joanns and found that they have those ugly tomato pin cushions for about $3.00 and i really didn't want to spend that much, call me cheap lol.

So i found this little baby for $1 and i had a 40% off coupon i wasn't using so heck yeah cheap little pin cushion.

To start i should have painted it first but i got too excited and started with the pin cushion part and painted last. I just stuffed the box with a little pillow stuffing and hot glued a small piece of fabric scrap i had along the inside corners and sides of the box.

Then i painted in a baby blue acrylic paint from joann's line of paints ( super cheap paint) and i had some old vinyl decals lying around so i spiced up my box with those and Voila! super cheap pin cushion and i closes so its practically baby proof! 

Hope you like! Thanks for stopping by!

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Cardigan turned ruffle shirt

A few months ago i went to Costco and i found these wonderful cardigans made of a jersey knit material. However, because there are no mirrors at Costco i had to just expect they would be ok.. well... i never wore them and in the closet they sat. Until today :)
This is what the cardigan looked like before. i  didnt take pictures while i was making the first one because i was afraid it would not work out but the pink is the exact same style.
First step i did was cross the sides over each other.

Then all i did was sew a straight diagonal line down the seam. Backstitching the first stitch or two and at the end i just pulled the bobbin thread and watch the ruffles begin :) I simply knotted the thread off and viola! adorable shirt or pullover cardi.

hope ya like! have a wonderful thursday!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Thrifty Finds

Lately i have been scouring yard sales and thrift stores to find things to makeover or add to our home decor because our home has so much empty space that craves attention lol. Anyways, a couple weeks ago i went to an estate sale and WOW did i find some great things!
I love this little fall lantern i picked up. I got most of this stash for just 5 bucks!!! The clock and teapot i got at the D.I. for just a dollar each.
I am thinking i want to paint this little guy a glossy white! Oh the vision i have :)

My favorite find is this beautiful canister. On the bottom it says it was hand painted in turkey! Oh this might be my inspiration to do our living room in turquoise accents!!!

 Love this crystal jar! I think that the grandmas and grandpas of today have the coolest things!!!

Don't you love this silver plated dessert tray?! i'm not sure if i'll paint it or simply Polish her up. what would you do with these amazing finds?

Free Art

As we make our way to the master bedroom reveal i could not wait to show you the art i made completely. Free! I have seen art similar to this all over Etsy but i decided to make it myself instead of buy on etsy. I customized it for the colors in our bedroom and picked words that are meaningful to my hubby and I.

All i did to make this was go into Microsoft Word and chose font Impact in size 70 and typed the alphabet. Then i inserted words i liked and in the colors to match our bedroom. I printed the final version cardstock with my printer.

Last I put it into a frame i got from the thrift store and leaned it up against the wall on my dresser. I Love it and i think i will make more for the rest of my house. :) Hope you all have a wonderful day and Craft On!!

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Super Easy Cut-offs made cute!

i know you all have those pair of jeans or pants that you take camping or paint in, so do i and after my hubby saw the huge hole in the knee he decided they needed to go lol. Being the frugal gal that i am i could not see those jeans go to waste so i decided to dress them up.

you'll need:
pair of jeans
fabric quarter in your fave fabric
fabric scissors
dress making pins
fabric glue or sewing machine

first i cut my jeans at the length i wanted them. Then i cut a peice of fabric the width i wanted and measured around the leg of the jeans for how long i needed. Then i folded a 1/4" peice back to create a finished edge

This is the cuff inside the leg of the jeans. So you are making a donut of fabric and folding the edges inside the cuff.
  The best fabric glue if you are not an expert with the sewing machine.
 The loops close up


 All i did after was glue the piece of fabric to the jeans. I cut little strips of fabric to cover the belt loops and voila. Finished! SOOOO Easy and you don't have to sew the edge like i did you can simple fabric glue the edge down. thanks for  reading!!

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Dresser Revamp

I am so excited to share our first furniture makeover with you! After being so bored with our Master bedroom and feeling like it was the only room in the house that had been neglected we opted to make our own customized furniture for nearly free! so lets get to it!
We sold our ikea dresser online for $140 and bought this beauty which also included a large mirror for $100 on utah's version of craigslist called KSL. With the money left over we bought some supplies to get the makeover started. So we went to home Depot and bought fine sandpaper, primer, spray paint, and brasso. So here she is sanded down and the drawers removed.

We bought gray Rustoleum 2x spray primers and a spray handle so my hubby's hands would not hurt after spraying so much.
While my hubby primed the whole dresser after we lightly sanded it was time to clean up those handles. The handles were so beautiful we wanted to see what they would be like if we cleaned them up instead of replacing them. Here they are before Brasso.
and after Brasso. Look at those babies shine!!!

After priming the hubby spray painted with a Rustleum gloss black. the same brand as the primer.
Finally we applied a polyurethane spray and replaced the knobs, and lightly sanded the edges to give it that distressed look. I Love the way she turned out. What do you think?!