Friday, July 1, 2011

Cinnamon Rolls

Well ladies it is that time again... The weekend! The other day while venturing off in blogland i came across a recipe for cinnamon rolls. Now i know my mom has the very best and she swears i'll never get that recipe but i had to find something to hold me over until she decided to make them again. So far everything is going well... Of course i used the things i remember from mom making them at home such as using floss to cut the cinnamon rolls and putting flour on your hands before kneading the dough. I miss those days waking up christmas morning to smell those HUGE delicious rolls cooking.. ahh... nothing is as ever as good as home until you have a family of your own :)

anyways.. i'm letting those bad boys rise and then i'll put them in the oven. If they turn out even a fraction of how mom's are then you better believe i'll post the lady's recipe for ya. Mmmm they smell so good right now!

I'll post pics when they are cooked and frosted

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