Thursday, July 14, 2011


Two Pair of Jeans, Two T-Shirts and Four Pack of Tape= $9!

While feeding the baby and looking around at the housework that had crept up in the night i decided that today was a nice day to take a walk. So I grabbed my coupons {which by the way are still available at} and left to just look around, not expecting to find anything super, i wasnt doing my normal coupon run.

 Anyways So i grabbed my $2 of graphic t-shirt coupons, my $3 off denim coupons and my scotch tape coupons for $1 off one. To make my money go further i always look in the clearance section. Today just happened to be my lucky day! I found two shirts each on sale for less than $5 and two pairs of jeans on clearance for just over $5.Then i made my way to the school supplies which i happened to get into yesterday and get free sharpie markers, penmate pens and tape. They each are marked down to a $1 and Target had their coupons for $1 off each. making my scotch tape, my pens and sharpie markers all free!!! Now what are you waiting for?!?!?! go print your coupons and score some deals!!!
Doing the math {$9 - $4=$5 for t-shirts/  $10 - $6=$4 for Jeans /and$1-$1=$0 Scotch tape Total= $9.94}

Remember you can print TWO coupons per computer.