Friday, July 1, 2011


Yeah there are rolls underneath that mound of icing lol. Mama likes her icing :) They are amazing! I can't believe my first experience with dough was so successful!! Hubbs and Baby love the recipe so i'll post that as soon as i find it again. These were sooo good that when i lifted the tin foil to take a picture the hubby shouted from the other room, "Not without  me!!!" ha ha anyone else have an amazing recipe they would like to share? post it on your blog and let me follow you!

Like Mother Like Daughter

Above is the recipe for these delicious cinnamon rolls :)

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  1. i'm so glad that they turned out so well for you!

    those cinnamon rolls look so delicious that i wish i was home right now and could make some (i'm away on a family reunion).

    anyway, glad the hubby and baby enjoyed them too. hope you can enjoy some more of our recipes, and i'll have to stop by your cute blog again soon!