Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Free Art

As we make our way to the master bedroom reveal i could not wait to show you the art i made completely. Free! I have seen art similar to this all over Etsy but i decided to make it myself instead of buy on etsy. I customized it for the colors in our bedroom and picked words that are meaningful to my hubby and I.

All i did to make this was go into Microsoft Word and chose font Impact in size 70 and typed the alphabet. Then i inserted words i liked and in the colors to match our bedroom. I printed the final version cardstock with my printer.

Last I put it into a frame i got from the thrift store and leaned it up against the wall on my dresser. I Love it and i think i will make more for the rest of my house. :) Hope you all have a wonderful day and Craft On!!


  1. I LOVE this design!!!! I think I'm gonna do something similar for our bedroom!!!

  2. thank you so much for the comment! Please post what you decide to do, i would love to see!

  3. Cute! Newest follower!