Thursday, August 4, 2011

Super Easy Cut-offs made cute!

i know you all have those pair of jeans or pants that you take camping or paint in, so do i and after my hubby saw the huge hole in the knee he decided they needed to go lol. Being the frugal gal that i am i could not see those jeans go to waste so i decided to dress them up.

you'll need:
pair of jeans
fabric quarter in your fave fabric
fabric scissors
dress making pins
fabric glue or sewing machine

first i cut my jeans at the length i wanted them. Then i cut a peice of fabric the width i wanted and measured around the leg of the jeans for how long i needed. Then i folded a 1/4" peice back to create a finished edge

This is the cuff inside the leg of the jeans. So you are making a donut of fabric and folding the edges inside the cuff.
  The best fabric glue if you are not an expert with the sewing machine.
 The loops close up


 All i did after was glue the piece of fabric to the jeans. I cut little strips of fabric to cover the belt loops and voila. Finished! SOOOO Easy and you don't have to sew the edge like i did you can simple fabric glue the edge down. thanks for  reading!!


  1. SO CUTE!! What a great idea!


  2. thank you so much Mandy! Post a picture if you make some yourself :)