Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Pin cushion for under $1

Lately i have beens sewing up a storm but i have been having this really annoying thing happen where i foregt where my pins are and the canister falls on the floor and pins go everywhere! One day this happened about ten times in a row and with a baby crawling al over the floor this not only was annoying but hazardous. I comes low budget pin cushion. I recently went to Joanns and found that they have those ugly tomato pin cushions for about $3.00 and i really didn't want to spend that much, call me cheap lol.

So i found this little baby for $1 and i had a 40% off coupon i wasn't using so heck yeah cheap little pin cushion.

To start i should have painted it first but i got too excited and started with the pin cushion part and painted last. I just stuffed the box with a little pillow stuffing and hot glued a small piece of fabric scrap i had along the inside corners and sides of the box.

Then i painted in a baby blue acrylic paint from joann's line of paints ( super cheap paint) and i had some old vinyl decals lying around so i spiced up my box with those and Voila! super cheap pin cushion and i closes so its practically baby proof! 

Hope you like! Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Very clever! I always like unique pincushions so much better then those ugly tomatoes!

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